These are the types of digital marketing services we do really well. Those long lists by others, that’s not for us. We focus on what’s below so our clients can rise above.


Marketing Strategy and Thought Leadership

We’ve always loved the ad adage, “I know half my marketing is working, I just don’t know which half.” Our clients want us to do the groundwork so they can eliminate the guesswork. It’s a good way to make certain both halves are working. Whether it’s website design and development, content marketing, or digital branding, we do a lot of Voice of Customer (VOC) Research to support our marketing strategies. We do it for Foot Locker, CUNA Mutual, WEA Trust, the California Avocado Commission to name a few.


Website Design and Development

We’re known for putting the ROI in your URL. Website design should be developed based on strategy and content. The strategy being lead generation, sales conversions and calls-to-action, and the content being the Information Architecture. The reason our websites are award-winning and nationally recognized is because they serve a distinct business purpose - they’re a key part of the sales process. We’re known as Drupal and Wordpress experts, but we work in a variety of open source and PHP platforms.


Content Creation and Messaging

Everyone’s jumping on the content marketing bandwagon, but most are late to the party. We started content creation and syndication back in the days of yore; the turn-of-the-century. We’ve created content for Gannett, the largest newspaper chain in the country, we’ve ghost-written two books for clients, developed power messaging for CUNA Mutual, produced 108 product videos for Eastbay, and wrote award-winning website copy. All in a day’s work. Everyone says content is king, but we know that content is more than that, content is commerce.


Building Brands Across All Platforms

From the Healthy Grown® Potato brand, Eastbay and M3 Insurance, to Lion Apparel, LumiData and River Valley Bank, TMA+Peritus has worked on significant branding projects throughout the Midwest. We incorporate our Marketing Strategy and Thought Leadership, along with our Content Marketing skills, to develop and enhance brands making certain they’re digitally relevant. We understand that brands need to pass the Zero Moment of Truth test, that’s why content creation and messaging is critical to the strength of a brand.